Michael Wayne is a 40-something composer, author, and if you're coming here from the comedy podcast Walking the Room... "Cuddles". Through his adventures, he's lived a life replete with stories that would awe, amuse, and amaze. He is also horribly uncomfortable with referring to himself in the third person. So let's just drop the pretense that I'm not the one writing this and start over.

Hi, I'm Michael. I am a human adult (chronologically at least) that composes music and writes novels. I'm also quite happy to declare that I am a stay-at-home dad. I have five beautiful children, with ages ranging from a manly 18 to a precocious two-and-a-half, that I love dearly and couldn't be more proud of the wonderful people they are becoming. I couldn't imagine a world without them and this, all of this, I do for them.